How to save calories every week

Admit it. The idea of having your food delivered is enticing more so if you’re pressed for time and can’t find the energy to get up and prepare food on your own. Preparing food by yourself though is much more healthy and nutritious. And contrary to popular belief, preparing food by yourself doesn’t have to take too much time. Here are some easy ways to save calories all week long

Plan your meals

Some experts believe that making up your mind on which food you plan to eat for the week is one of the easiest yet most effective ways on cutting back on calories.  When you plan ahead and granted that you stick to your plan, you prevent yourself from eating fast food meals that are laden with calories and unnecessary nutrients. Planning your meals doesn’t also have to be a daunting task. There are lots of healthy recipes available online. If you want, use the search term “quick and easy healthy recipes” and you will be seeing recipes that can be completed in less than 30 minutes- the approximate time it would take you to call a restaurant and wait for your food.

Add greens to meals

I know that most calorie laden foods are those that are the tastiest. To make them a bit healthy, I recommend that you add small amounts of green vegetables on them which I’m sure would not make them less tasty. Start buying spinach which you can dice and spice on almost any meal for an extra boost of nutrients. You can add it on a pizza, smoothie, pasta, roasted chicken and others without changing the meal’s taste. If you have some excess lettuce, use it as a burger bun and you might even be surprised at how its crispyness supplements the burger patty.

Stock on Healthy Snacks

Experts say that most people eat their worst meal (in terms of nutrition) during snacks since you tend to be more impulsive than usual. A pack of junkfoods can contain only 300 calories but its saturated fat exceeds the daily recommended allowance. To prevent yourself from munching on unhealthy snacks, stock up on healthy snacks so that you don’t have to go out of your way when you need them. Make healthy snacks a convenient choice for you by stocking up on fresh fruits, whole grain cracker, granola bars and other healthy choices.

Make a Smoothie

Another effective and simple way to shed off unwanted calories from your diet is to make your own smoothie. Instead of drinking frapuccinos which at the same time costs a lot, smoothies are a much healthier and cheaper alternative. Create a smoothie every morning which can keep you hydrated until afternoon. Search online for there are numerous smoothie recipes in the net depending on the ingredients you have on hand. Remember to limit sugar to a minimum for you to get the best nutrients of the fruits and/or vegetables in the smoothie.

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