iPhone Version 4.0 approved and ready to download

Version 4.0 of CalorieSmart calorie counter app is now available in iTunes App Store. Updated user interface makes it even easier to track your calories and nutrition information. We added an “add” button in the overview page to make it easier to add nutrition and exercise information to the log. Changed how Recent Meals are shown. You can now select the number of days and the meal type of recent meals to show. Easier serving size entry. Popular serving sizes are show in a scroll wheel. You can still enter any value using a keypad entry. Two-way sync with our Continue Reading →

Version 2.1 released on AppStore

The newest release of CalorieSmart calorie counter app for iPhone is available to download at Apple AppStore. The update contains updated food database and and the ability to export food and exercise diary as email attachments. The email attachment can be opened by Excel or some other spreadsheet programs. The email can be sent to any email address.