Effective Ways to Cut Calories from Your Burger

You can spot hamburger stalls all over this country not without reason. Hamburgers, along with pizzas, remain to be America’s favourite if the number of hamburger joints are any indication. They’re quick to eat, delicious and packed with protein that’s essential for everyday activities. However, they’re also one of the most calorie-packed foods and hence, a pain for those who are watching their calorie intake. Case in point is Cheesecake Factory’s Farmhouse Cheeseburger which has around 1,530 calories and that doesn’t include the calories on the fries yet. It’s worthy to take note that one person’s recommended daily calorie intake Continue Reading →

Americans badly underestimate the amount of Calories in their meals

          When I want to justify eating burgers, steaks and fries, I set my mind into thinking that they only have this certain amount of acceptable calorie count. I know my estimate will be rather off but I still do that in hopes of eating delicious foods which are often loaded with calories. It turns out I’m not the only one doing that. In a recent study, it was proven that Americans greatly underestimate the calories they take into their body by as much as 34%. Calories in fast-food meals tend to be the most undervalued. Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Favorites Under 400 Calorie Menu

I’ve never known someone who doesn’t know what McDonalds is. Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ll know that McDonalds has an integral part in the diet of millions of people across the world. They specialize in not so healthy choices like French fries, burgers and sodas that’s why they often take the blame for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and related conditions. In their effort to provide healthier choices, McDonalds has come up with a menu option that is puts the spotlight on food choices under 400 calories. Unlike the dollar menu, this menu focuses on not what you Continue Reading →

Starbucks include calorie count on all storefront menus

               By now, you probably have heard or seen first hand the new format of the menus on all Starbucks stores across the country. The new format includes the appropriate calorie count written besides the drinks’ prices. This move by the company came even before the Food and Drug Administration has ironed out the details for a regulation to impose the inclusion of calorie information on all restaurant menus. Now, it has become more difficult to ignore how many calories does your frappuccino pack in.         Calorie count is important as Continue Reading →

Understanding what calories are and their role in weight loss

          If you want to lose weight, chances are, you’ve encountered the term ‘calories’ a lot by now. That and the terms exercise and diet typically constitute the very simple weight loss formula. However, there are still lots of wrong information being disseminated about it. Read below to find out more about calories and how they are important in losing weight.           Human beings require energy to live and survive. To do this, we need to eat and drink food where we get our energy. A calorie, simply speaking, is a unit Continue Reading →